Move your body

Moving your body has a lot of benefits such as releasing endorphins and helping relieve stress. It also allows us to take a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities. Moving your body also has good benefits for the skin such as counteracting the ageing of the skin. Exercising increases blood circulation and thus the supply of nutrients to the skin, which helps the production of collagen, the body's protein found in the skin. Physical activity not only makes you stay in good shape, but it also increases endorphins which help relieve stress but also to keep your energy up throughout the day. We at BIGELIUS love the feeling after a nice workout and want to share our favorite workout tips:

  1. Do yoga or pilates
  2. Go for a long walk or run in nature
  3. Work out with a friend, so much more fun!
  4. Book a fun class at your local gym
  5. Try something new, maybe a dance class?! 


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