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Who we are

We are a Scandinavian skincare concept developed for conscious people, with products that challenge the general conception of skincare. All R&D and production take place in the Swedish highlands led by an experienced team of dermatologists and chemists. The brand focuses on high-quality ingredients, natural antioxidants and acknowledged technologies that provides an exceptional experience, all the way through.

Simply, wow

My skin has got so much firmer and more glowy since I started using the products.

Great products

Got the cleanser from my gf and now understand why she tried to stop me from using soap before.

Woody fresh

Big ups to the scents, so fresh. I bring the mist wherever I go. Love love love it!

Founder & CEO

Henrik Bigelius

“I love confident people, to be around them and feel their energy. I also know what good (and bad!) skin can do for your confidence and energy which is why I have put all I have into creating what I call boosting products.”