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Mattifying Facial Cream

A light, oil-free, and protecting facial cream for radiant, fresh-looking skin.

100 ml 3.4 oz

Normal/oily skin types


Safe for acne-prone skin


Dermatology approved

Made in Sweden

Worldwide delivery

Money-back guarantee

Mattifying facial cream

How to use

Dispense one to three pumps of Mattifying Facial Cream into your hands and apply to cleansed face and neck daily, avoiding the eye area. Increase application for dryer areas.

Can be used separately or together with other skincare products.

For better results, combine with Eye Cream. Use in the morning and at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mila F.
Fresh and Fabulous All Day!

This mattifying face cream is a true lifesaver for my combination skin. It strikes the perfect balance of hydration and oil control, leaving my skin feeling fresh and fabulous all day long. The lightweight texture glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly without any greasiness. It creates a beautiful matte finish that lasts for hours. I love how it protects my skin and gives it a radiant, healthy appearance. This cream is a must-have for anyone seeking a flawless complexion.

James B.
Confidence in a Jar

This mattifying face cream gives me the confidence to face the day. Its light texture feels comfortable on my skin, and it provides a protective barrier without clogging my pores. I appreciate how it controls excess oil and reduces shine, leaving my skin looking fresh and revitalized. The matte finish is perfect for a clean, professional appearance. If you're looking for a face cream that keeps your skin radiant and shine-free, look no further.

A game changer for my oily skin

This mattifying face cream is my secret to flawless skin. It's a lightweight, oil-free formula that instantly mattifies my complexion, giving it a smooth and velvety appearance. My skin feels hydrated without any greasy residue. I love how it protects my skin from environmental factors and keeps it looking fresh throughout the day. It's the perfect base for my makeup, and it ensures my skin stays shine-free all day long. I can't recommend this cream enough.

Pia Akoral

Mattifying Facial Cream


Not so oily skin longer!

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