Born In Scandinavia

We are a company born in, and shaped by, Scandinavia. The perky, outdoorsy people making the most of the four seasons and wild landscapes. We who love simple melodic pop tunes, minimalistic design and innovation to the extent that we have the world’s premier award for it. This is why we are all about purity, functionality and flawless skincare for all. This is the essence of BIGELIUS and what we strive to translate into all of our products.

Handcraft Made With Care

We use only high-quality ingredients and strive for it to be as locally sourced and produced as possible. The formulas are developed by a team of well experienced dermatologists and produced in the Swedish highlands – in a small but one of the most modern skincare factories in Northern Europe. We work with carefully selected partners that we have met and that are our friends. Everything down to even the label is produced in factories where we know that we meet quality and environmental standards. All to provide you with the ultimate skincare products.

No Fake Promises

Your skin, or rather the condition of your skin, is primarily the result of five factors: Your DNA, how you feel, what you eat and drink, the environment you live in, and your skincare products. Knowing this, we do not make any fake promises of life-changing results. We make skincare products that work, developed with an insane amount of passion and self-experience. With our dedicated dermatologist team, the handpicked high-quality ingredients and a focus on the relevant characteristics we know we offer products that work.

Relax, You're In Good Hands

We know trying to control your skin is tricky. It is almost like it has a life of its own, some days are good, and some days are… not so great. To boost your skin no matter mood or day, all our products are packed with naturally derived ingredients. We combine innovations such as second skin technology with traditional antioxidants such as cinnamon, turmeric and ginger. This protects your skin from air pollutants and cleanses, hydrates, evens out your skin tone and help from premature aging.

Stay Confident

“I love confident people, to be around them and feel their energy. I also know what good (and bad!) skin can do for your confidence and energy which is why I have put all I have into creating what I call boosting products. I want to be an enabler for a better version of yourself and it starts with your skin. My dream is to offer traditional products but also challenge the general conception of skincare. It is my absolute belief that we have just scratched the surface of instant effect products and I want to create products that today are non-normative. With Bigelius I am building something with the purpose to help men look and feel better.” – Henrik Bigelius, Founder & CEO