How it all started.

The idea of BIGELIUS was born when the founder, Henrik Bigelius, moved to Beijing in 2015 and his skin got upside down due to the air quality. He started searching for solutions but there were few skincare products in the market that offered protection from bad air. After intense market research, Henrik decided to leave his job and move back to Sweden in 2017 to develop the product he felt was missing. After one year of development the first men’s collection of products was launched in Scandinavia and Asia. Asia has been the focus market until the fall of 2020 when the unisex collection was launched for sale globally.


"I know what good (and bad!) skin can do for your confidence and energy"

I love confident people, to be around them and feel their energy. I also know what good (and bad!) skin can do for your confidence and energy which is why I have put all I have into creating what I call boosting products. I want to be an enabler for a better version of yourself and it starts with your skin. My dream is to offer traditional products but also challenge the general conception and experience of skincare over time. With Bigelius I am building something with the purpose to help people look and feel better about themselves.

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Handcrafted in Sweden

We use high-quality ingredients and strive for it to be as locally sourced and produced as possible. The formulas are developed by a team of experienced dermatologists and produced in the Swedish highlands – in a small but one of the most modern skincare factories in Northern Europe. Everything is produced in factories we know meet quality and environmental standards.

Simple yet efficient

Our mission is to make great and efficient skincare for everyone. That is why our products are multi-functional and have a wide range usage. With our dedicated dermatologist team, the handpicked high-quality ingredients and a focus on the relevant characteristics we know we offer products that work. All to provide you with the ultimate products and experience.

More than just skincare

What makes Bigelius Skincare is the people behind it and the users of the products. And the personality of our brand is represented by our users and believers of Bigelius Skincare. Looking after your skin should not be labeled by gender or norms, everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. That is why we challenge the general conception of skincare.

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Bigelius Skincare - Anti-pollution skincare made in Sweden